Airfix Magazine Articles

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Infantry weapons and organisation
Part 3: infantry missile weapons
Part 4: The artillery
Part 5: Cavalry weapons and organisation
Part 6: Henry VIII's army
Part 7: Irish army of the 16th Century
Part 8: The Universal Soldier
Part 9: Swiss
Parts 10 & 11: The Turks
Part 12: The Scots
Part 13: the Polish Army
Parts 14 & 15: Spanish
Part 16: The French
Part 17: the Imperialists
Part 18: Persians and other easterners
Part 19: the Dutch army
Parts 20 & 21: the Swedish army
Parts 22 & 23: the Muscovites

Download a zip containing all 23 parts (5.2MB)

Some chapters from George Gush's book, not covered in the Airfix Magazine Articles:
Renaissance Armies: The Burgundian Army of Charles the Bold
Renaissance Armies: The Italians
Renaissance Armies: Military Orders
Renaissance Armies: The_Moghul_Empire
Renaissance Armies: The English Civil War